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Seat Backrest Recliner

The back of the seat is designed to allow you to recline and relax. Thanks to this feature, you can turn your seat into a bed and spend pleasant hours.

Seats with reclining space are especially ideal for smaller homes or homes. Because they function as both a seat and a bed.

Backrest reclining parts, where the following points should be noted:

Length: The lounging place should be suitable for your height. In order for you to lie down comfortably, you should choose a reclining spot that is at least 15-20 cm longer than your neck.

Width: The lounging area should be wide enough for you to move around. You should choose a reclining spot that is at least 10-15 cm wider than your shoulder width.

Back support: The back support allows you to support your back while lying down and feeding comfortably. You should choose a recliner with back support.

Material: The lounging place must be durable and comfortable to use. You can choose from options such as fabric, leather or faux leather.

You can choose a backrest recliner that suits your needs and taste, and you can spend comfortable and enjoyable hours.

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