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    Recommendations for quality car seat products

    Products designed with quality materials in all fabrics and stitching parts provide you with a long-lasting usage experience thanks to their durable structure.There is a wide range of car seat covers, car seat cushions, car mats and car accessories specific to your vehicle, with hundreds of different colors, patterns and fabric types.Specially designed car seat covers that perfectly match your vehicle's seats and protect your seat covers can be found at affordable prices.Talhan Auto Seat offers quality product models to its customers with a wide range of accessories.

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    Recommended Tips When Buying a Car Seat

    Our recommendations to our customers who will purchase a car seat: Safety standards: Choose a seat that has passed safety tests. Car seat type: Choose the car seat that suits your needs. Ease of installation: Choose a seat that is easy to install and assemble. Forward-Backward adjustment: Prefer that your car seat has a seat that can be adjusted forward and backward. Comfort: Choose a chair where he can sit comfortably. Material quality: Choose a seat that is durable and easy to clean. Warranty: Make sure that the product has a warranty.

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    Seat Backrest Recliner

    The back of the seat is designed to allow you to recline and relax. Thanks to this feature, you can turn your seat into a bed and spend pleasant hours.Seats with reclining space are especially ideal for smaller homes or homes. Because they function as both a seat and a bed. Backrest reclining parts, where the following points should be noted:Length: The lounging place should be suitable for your height. In order for you to lie down comfortably, you should choose a reclining spot that is at least 15-20 cm longer than your neck.Width: The lounging area should be wide enough for you to move around. You should choose a reclining…

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    How to Upholster a Car Seat?

    How to upholster a car seat; Some people may say throw away your old seat and buy a new one. However, if the fabric of the sofas you use is worn, deformed and looks very old, you can repair or replace the upholstery instead of buying a new one. Upholstery replacement allows your car seat to return to its former appearance and extends the life of your seat.Features required to replace car seat upholstery:New seat upholstery fabricSponge for sofa upholsteryScissorsSewing needle and threadGluea screwdrivertape measurepliersStaples and staple gunHow to upholster a car seat:Prepare the new sofa upholstery, fabric and sponge.Remove the old seat upholstery.The new upholstery is installed on the…