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    How to Upholster a Car Seat?

    How to upholster a car seat; Some people may say throw away your old seat and buy a new one. However, if the fabric of the sofas you use is worn, deformed and looks very old, you can repair or replace the upholstery instead of buying a new one. Upholstery replacement allows your car seat to return to its former appearance and extends the life of your seat.Features required to replace car seat upholstery:New seat upholstery fabricSponge for sofa upholsteryScissorsSewing needle and threadGluea screwdrivertape measurepliersStaples and staple gunHow to upholster a car seat:Prepare the new sofa upholstery, fabric and sponge.Remove the old seat upholstery.The new upholstery is installed on the…