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How to Upholster a Car Seat?

How to upholster a car seat; Some people may say throw away your old seat and buy a new one. However, if the fabric of the sofas you use is worn, deformed and looks very old, you can repair or replace the upholstery instead of buying a new one. Upholstery replacement allows your car seat to return to its former appearance and extends the life of your seat.

Features required to replace car seat upholstery:

New seat upholstery fabric

Sponge for sofa upholstery


Sewing needle and thread


a screwdriver

tape measure


Staples and staple gun

How to upholster a car seat:

Prepare the new sofa upholstery, fabric and sponge.

Remove the old seat upholstery.

The new upholstery is installed on the edge of the seat and over the old one.

Before stapling the tile, make sure the tile lies correctly.

Trim the excess fabric around the edges of the seat and staple it.

Once the new seat upholstery has covered the entire surface of the seat and the pieces of upholstery have been stapled, close the staples.

Pull the edges of the upholstery and the seat grows new ones.

Make sure of the placement of the upholstery and the back unit of the seat.

At the front of the seat, staple the edges of the upholstery.

Close the staples and make sure the upholstery fits the front section of the seat.

If the details of the upholstery look neat, cut off the excess fabric pieces.

The new upholstery of your seat is ready!

As Talhan Auto Seat; We have many brands and models of new VIP car seat products in the auto industry. Car seat upholstery service is not provided.

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